Beware of Summer Job Scams

Summer break for many college and high school students is right around the corner. It is during this time that students begin their search for summer employment and temporary work.

BBB is warning students to do their research before accepting the ideal sounding job and to be aware of these tip offs that an “employment opportunity” might actually be a scam:

  • Watch out for jobs that promise to pay a lot of money for work that doesn’t require much effort or skill. Big bucks for simple tasks may sound ideal, but it could also end up being too good to be true!
  • If you are offered a job out of the blue without completing an application or attending an interview, it is probably a scam. Do not provide any personal or financial information to such people because it can lead to identity theft.
  • Consider it a red flag if the “employer” refuses to provide you with details of the job in writing. Ask for complete information in writing and make sure you understand all terms of the agreement, especially payment terms.
  • Be cautious if the company’s contact information is missing or doesn’t make sense. Ask and verify the company’s physical location and that a real street address is being provided. A cell phone number and website are not enough contact information.

Don’t forget to also check out a potential employer’s BBB business review to see if the company has a positive BBB rating. Though BBB does not process workplace disputes as complaints, victims do complain to BBB about work-at-home scams. Visit for more information.

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