AT&T Customers, Don’t Fall For Fake Bill Emails

A few months ago, scammers attempted to trick Verizon customers into opening fake bill notices. Get ready AT&T customers! Now it’s your turn.


How the Scam Works:


People nationwide (both AT&T subscribers and not) are receiving fake emails that are almost identical to the real alerts many AT&T customers get to remind them of their monthly payments.

This phishing scam is notable for its painstaking replication of AT&T emails and the large bill amounts (many are near or above $1,000). See this sample email for a perfect example.  

Spot This Scam:


You can spot a fake email by the large bill amounts and by hovering over the links. When you place your mouse on a link, the destination URL will appear. Check whether it leads to AT&T’s website or, in a scam email, to a third party site.  


More Information:

See’s complete scam directory for more information about breaking scams in your area.

Also, check out AT&T’s phishing support here for more information. If you need to double check your AT&T bill, you can use their online bill suport here

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